Juli 18, 2024

New Intellect Pioneering 4800 LCG Lipo

As a couple of my lipos recently died (not excatly died but if a cell goes beyond 15 mOh i consider it dead because it is impossible to fully charge or discharge it with that amount of IR), i bought the new Intellect Pioneering 4800 LCG 2S platinum series packs (Model: BG2S4800PT2). After some charge / discharge cycles and two susequent races i measured them with my BD250 discharger. The result is satisfying, because they not only are in that 15% capacity offset between HV and non HV but the discharge curve matches or even outperforms that of my full size packs at a much lower weight. No need to run chunky full size packs in stock if i have these.

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