April 22, 2024

Team Associated B74 HT0 Steering block arms – a fail?

The use of HT0 steering arms created more problems than they fixed. First of all, if there has been a issue with steering ballcups rubbing on the rim, HT0 arms made the issue worse. I first did not notice that when i switched to HT0 during a race, which resulted in a worn down, ripped ballcup and race DNF.

The second issue is the targeted increse in steering smoothness. The new +1 / +2 arms and the HT0 are made to achieve the same effect. AE states for the HT0 arms that they “make the steering less aggressive off center with a smoother turn-in feel, which helps improve drivability in high-traction conditions” and for the +2 arms “+2 steering arms will have the smoothest and least aggressive feel”. So basically, they are designed to tune the steering feel in the same direction.

Geometry wise both HT0 and +2 arms are longer, but +2 arms move the link more inward, closer to the axle or rather forward, away from the rim:

+2 steering block arm, compared to kit (kit arm on top)

HT0 move the link location in the opposite direction, closer to the rim (causing desaster on many rims, including AE rims) or rather backward:

HT0 steering block arm, compared to kit (kit arm on top)

How can parts, that aim for the same goal but move stuff in oposite directions achieve the same effect? Of course, they don’t. With subject to recency bias, i had a HT0 equipped B74.1 that i bought used which was way too aggressive on new EOS carpet and switched to +2 arms. This change calmed the car down noticeably. My bottomline ist, that the new +2 / +1 arms supersede HT0 arms. There is no scenario where i would use HT0 arms again. +2 / +1 arms work collision-free with most rims and may even remedy issues with rims that normally would rub ballscups with kit arms and they really smooth out initial steering.

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