Juli 18, 2024

New EAM 4600 200C Shorty

The discharge curve looks very good. The best shorty I’ve had so far. To put it into perspective: The “worst” Lipo had 7.16V after 5 minutes, the two best ones so far had 7.38V and the EAM now had 7.51V, each at a 20A load ootb with two charge/discharge cycles before the discharge curve was recorded. My two best shortys with virtually identical performance are about €20 apart. Depending on which term you use (I use the relative voltage level within a usable voltage in the range 6.5 to 8.4V with 6.5 as 0% and 8.4 as 100%), the extra power corresponds almost exactly to the extra in price, at least if you take the more expensive of my best shortys to date as a baseline. If you want to play the minimizing/maximizing game while driving stock, the EAM are, in my opinion, a serious option to get even more out of the drive system.

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