März 2, 2024

Associated B74.1 Carpet Setup

This Setup is derived from a well working carpet setup for rather small, tight tracks. The only change made for a mid sized track with wider lines is 5mm vs. 4mm front hexes. The f20/r30 LTC diff combo gives a ton of on power steering, which may be too much for a track like this of the Leonberger Modellbauclub e.V. but for me it worked well anyway:

A 20f/20r LTC combo is maybe easier to drive there, perhaps with harder front springs and/or sway bar too. On a more flowing layout and more sweeping corners, a f20/r20 or even f20/r15 diff combo would be mandatory.

The shock package is all optimized for pack and convenient driveability, where the VRP Pistons do a great job, but this is not a good package for rough tracks. I still need to figure that out 🙂

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