Juni 16, 2024

B74.1 / B74.2 Front shock tower comparison

The shock mounting position went down further more, almost to the level of the Revolution Design LCG shock tower. The Revolution Design holes are left and right from the B74.2 middle position and still 0.5mm lower.

B74.1 / B74.2 mounting positions

These are the three towers i am using right now. From left to right B74.1, B74.2 and Revolution Design LCG. The B74.2 tower looks way beefier around the shock mounting holes. Nice!

B74.1 / B74.2 / Revolution Design LCG side by side comparison

This is a comparison between the original B74 front shock tower and the new B74.2 tower for gullwing arms (kit setup). The original B74 setup with long shocks works very good on wet, rough astro, which i like to use on rainy outdoor races on astro turf.

B74 / B74.2 Front shock tower height comparison

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