April 22, 2024

First battery test with the SkyRC BD250 Discharger [update]

As my FD-100 ceased to work properly, i decided to invest in something more advanced. The SkyRC BD250 can discharge a 2S lipo with 35A and generate a log record every 30 seconds. I decided to take it slow and tested all of my shorties with 20A discharge current from 8.4 to 6.6V.

I used following Lipos:

  • LRP Graphene 4 4900 HV Stock Spec #431284
  • Intellect 5000 silicone-graphene HV platinum series #BG2S5000PTI
  • Sundpadow Graphene 3800 LCG #S638066
  • Corally Voltax 5200 LCG #49500
  • Corally X-Celerated 5000 #49705
The Corally 5000 has bad IR already due to stress by my LRP X20 4.5.
Both lcg shorties hold voltage on a similar lower level than the full size.
The LRP Graphene4 has a minimal disadvantage versus the Intellect. From 30 to 60 seconds there is a larger difference. I will investigate this later. Could also be a measurement failure or erratic data export.
I retested the IP and LRP with 35A dischrage current. The gap during the first 30 seconds vanished so i think the IP startet with 8,02V. I noticed, that during Excel Export zeroes like in 7,01 can disappear so i think that this was the reason for the gap. Howerver, the IP can deliver 300 additional mAh at the end of a dischrage run with 35A.
Full size shorties hold their voltage better, but just a margin around 0,25V. I have to determine battery drain after 5 and 7 minutes on track to decide if it is worth to run the 50g lighter lcg lipo instead of full size.

All charts are generated in Excel out of exported log data.

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