Mai 28, 2024

New Intellect Pioneering 4400 LCG Lipo

Since my test with the Sunpadow 3800 mAh LCG Lipo pointed out that runtime won’t be an issue with rather low capacity lcg lipos, even with a 7 minute final heat, i decided to shave off some weight an get a lcg lipo with 5mm jacks. The runtime of the IP4400 long runtime battery (BG2S4400PT1) is quite impressive, as it only runs 30 seconds earlier into cutoff than its 5000mAh pendant. Prototypically for a lcg lipo it holds voltage on a lower, yet constant level around 0,15V below the full size version, which is 0,1 – 0,15 V higer than my Corally and Sunpadow lcg batteries. Nice.

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